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The Most Versatile Smart Gym for People Who Train Exclusively at Home

Having a smart gym at home is a big dream for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and really, anyone who simply wants to stay fit. Imagine being able to work out any time you want right from the comfort of your home. That’s the life.

Unfortunately, most smart home gyms tend to be quite limited – the same routines with the same weights, day after day. You know what they say: Variety is the spice of life. That’s why repetitive programs tend to hinder you from working out consistently and effectively.          

So, how do your options stack up when it comes to versatility in particular? If you’re shopping around for a smart gym to take home, here’s what you need to know about your choices.

Smart Home Gyms and Versatility: Who Takes the Cake?


Tonal offers a plethora of workouts — from barre, cardio, and high-intensity programs to kickboxing, meditation, and strength training.

However, users note that Tonal’s classes repeat every week. This means you might end up doing the same routine over and over, regardless of if you’re taking a four-week or six-week program – and that can get pretty demotivating.

In terms of customization, Tonal uses cables that act as digital weights. You can adjust the weight based on your comfort level at any time during the workout. At the end of your routine, you get a strength profile, with data like reps and pace, which helps track your progress.

However, these performance metrics are quite limited as they’re only available for strength training. And because Tonal relies heavily on equipment, it doesn’t give you an accurate read of your body movements.

Forme Life Studio

Forme Life is another good option because it offers a wide variety of barre, boxing, cardio, core, dance, meditation, recovery, strength, and yoga classes. It comes with a 43” screen that makes it feel like your instructors are with you in real life.

The downside, though, is that Forme doesn’t have any real performance tracking metrics beyond heart rate and calorie burn. You also need to pay additional fees for the equipment (Forme handles, ankle bar, bar grip, and short bar), which can limit the training programs you can do.

The versatility of this smart gym is up there, but it could definitely be better.

Mirror Home Studio

Another viable option is Mirror because it streams a range of live and on-demand classes of more than 20 fitness genres. With its almost-invisible mirror-like surface, you can see yourself work out with an instructor. However, you’ll end up selecting your classes fairly aimlessly because Mirror doesn’t offer personalized programs and recommendations.

While the device looks elegant and the classes are great, Mirror lacks in the area of versatility when it comes to smart gyms. For one, it only tracks your heart rate and calorie burn, which means you’re pretty limited on your performance and progress.

Also, a big con is that it doesn’t come with any equipment, so you still need to shop or improvise if you want to maximize the programs. The biggest of all, in our opinion, is that you can only control Mirror through your phone, which can be too inconvenient, especially when you’re mid-workout.

Tempo Smart Home Gym

Tempo has tons of routines you can choose from – boxing, cardio, HIIT, mobility, strength training, recovery, yoga, and beyond. Classes can go for a quick eight minutes to a full-on 45-minute session, live or on-demand, and they are unique for each day in your program.

Plus, there’s an ever-expanding selection of classes with expert guidance, so you can train something new as you see fit.

With Tempo, you get personalized programs designed just for you. Whether you’re a fitness beginner, professional runner, or anything in between, Tempo classes and programs are tailored to your goals and fitness levels. It’s like having a personal trainer plan your workout based on your specific needs.

The biggest game-changer for Tempo is its innovative performance tracking that can read your movements. Using 3D sensors and AI technology, Tempo can track your heart rate, form, and reps, and recommend when you can up your game to help you progress toward your fitness goals.

It also provides clear guidance and personalized live feedback, so there’s literally no second-guessing on your end.

The Verdict

There are plenty of options out there for smart gyms, and it can feel confusing to choose which one right for you. If you’re on the hunt for something that’s complete, practical, and of course, versatile, we’re going to have to go with Tempo.

From unique performance tracking to entertaining personalized classes, Tempo gives you the most ROI both in spending and in achieving your fitness goals.

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