Forme Life Studio Review

2 Star Rating
Forme - what we liked and what can be improved.

Developed by Swiss-industrial designer, Yves Béhar, Forme Life is an all-in-one strength training studio designed to blur the line between the home and gym. As one of the more design-friendly options on the market, Forme Life becomes a 6-foot-tall standing mirror when turned off. When on, it transforms into a fitness streaming device.

One of the newer companies on the market, Forme Life has yet to be delivered to people’s homes (although they’ve had their waitlist open for a year). They originally announced a Fall 2020 release date but no shipments have been made. However, Forme Life opened physical retail stores this past winter so I was finally able to test one out myself. 

Form Equipment and Customer
Forme Life Studio

Forme Life offers two different models depending on your needs

When purchasing, you have the option to select their Studio or Studio Lift model. The main difference is that one has smart handles (Lift) while the other offers no additional equipment beyond a yoga mat. The Studio is very similar to the Mirror but more expensive as it’s priced at $2,500.

The Studio Lift is $4,495 and reminds me of Tonal’s model as it has two large cables sitting on each side but comes with a larger screen. This was a nice perk as Tonal’s tiny 24 inch screen was a major pain point for me. 

The handles offer 150 lbs of variable resistance per arm where Tonal has a maximum of 100 lbs per arm. The Studio Lift won’t be available until late 2021 but I imagine it has the same feeling as Tonal’s strength arms which utilizes electromagnets. I have the same concern with it as I do with Tonal: it would be quite an expensive fix if something happened to the cables. When your smart gym is reliant on technology, you become reliant on their equipment to workout and you are out of luck if something breaks.

Human-like experience 

Similar to Mirror, Forme Life offers a wide selection of yoga, strength, cardio, core, boxing, dance, meditation, recovery, and barre classes. Yes, you read that right. The Studio has barre classes which means it offers a barre attachment (obviously for an extra cost). 

I tested a strength class and I was able to select my own music before starting the workout. After clicking start, a zoomed in instructor welcomes you to class and provides an overview of the workout you’re about to take. As the class progresses, the camera pulls away so the instructor is smaller on the screen so you can get a head to toe view.  Similar to Mirror, you can follow your instructor while seeing your reflection back in the mirror. The Studio is so large with a 43” inch screen so the instructors are life-size and it feels like they are in the room with you.

Lacks performance technology 

While I enjoyed my class experience, Forme Life did not offer any performance tracking that I couldn’t get from my smartphone. They tracked my heart rate, estimated my calorie burn, but beyond that the technology wasn’t very unique. A Forme Life employee mentioned that form correction was coming but I doubt it will be any time soon, given that they have yet to even distribute their product to customers.

My experience with Forme Life felt very similar to Mirror. While I enjoyed working out with a life-sized trainer, I don’t understand why I would need to purchase an additional $2,500 screen for this when I can just stream a workout class on my TV. 

And unlike Mirror, Forme Life didn’t offer any community-like features. I love the community features on Mirror and Tempo which enable me to compete with friends and other people for additional motivation. I love a little friendly competition. 

Testing out their Mirror

Nice design at a high price. 

So, is it worth it? Not really. Forme Life offers a beautiful piece of furniture that happens to hide a gym within it. They offer a wide selection of classes but the experience is similar to watching a YouTube video at a very expensive cost. 

You need to hand over an extra $2000 to get the Forme handles. While Tonal’s screen is not as beautiful as Forme Life’s, it’s $1,500 cheaper. I could just go buy a big beautiful mirror from West Elm and I’d still be under budget. 

I found Tempo’s instructors clearer to see due to the camera angles used. Tempo’s technology is also much more impressive as it can count my reps and correct form. Plus Tempo’s community leaderboard spoke to my competitive side which encouraged me to work harder.  Forme Life didn’t give me any notifications of my progress, and honestly it’s those little pushes that really make a smart gym stand out. 

While Forme Life has a great look and strong class experience, you’re better off saving your money and purchasing something else. You can buy